A Little
Of Words

Meet Karyn

Karyn Watt is a wife and mother of 3, a grandmother of 3 and lives in the beautiful Port Stephens NSW Australia.

When she is not writing you can find her in a sunny corner crocheting or in the kitchen, catching up with family or in the garden tending to her chickens, plants, 1 bee hive and an inherited cheeky cockatiel. Karyn studied and became a hairdresser in her mid 50s and currently works as a hairdresser in Aged Care. She is also a part time Aged Care Nurse. Her journaling has covered 35 plus years. A peeling back and self discovery of who she truely is. Thousands of pages all burnt or shredded until now. Now the pen is her power, her voice, her words, her truth.


This Little Book of Words has come to life after years of negative self-talk. I needed a go-to whenever that constant negative mind chatter started: I am useless; I am ugly; I am bad, etc. I realised I have a choice, and the negative mind chatter has an opposite. I changed the way I spoke to myself, one word at a time. Useless became useful, ugly became kind, and bad became ok. It’s a slow process that I practice daily, and a whole new world has opened up.

“What matters most is how I see myself,” and “What I focus on grows.”


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